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Teaching innovation prize for oncological curriculum

On Good Teaching Day at LMU Munich, the interdisciplinary training of medical students at the Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität Munich (LMU) - which is part of the DKTK partner site Munich - was honored with the LMU teaching innovation prize.

Good Teaching Day at LMU: Prof. Belka ( 5. from the right) and Dr. Fleischmann (7. from the right) © LMU

The initiators of the oncological curriculum also coordinate the DKTK School of Oncology in Munich for the interdisciplinary training of assistant physicians, postdocs and doctoral students within the DKTK. Other DKTK members in Munich are also involved in the implementation of the Oncological curriculum at the LMU, e.g. former and current fellows of the DKTK School of Oncology and participants of the Munich OncoTrack.

Oncological curriculum
Faculty of Medicine
Dr. Daniel F. Fleischmann, Prof. Dr. Claus Belka, Prof. Dr. Martin Dreyling, Johannes Mücke, Marcel Büttner, Marie Forster, Matthias Oettle

Developed by Dr. Daniel Fleischmann and his team, the oncological curriculum is an interdisciplinary approach that seeks to embed oncological teaching in the Medical Curriculum Munich (MeCuM) so that medical students acquire knowledge in this field from day one all the way through to graduation. At the start of the clinical part of their studies, it enables students to obtain an interdisciplinary overview of tumor formation, diagnostics, therapy options, and the main types of tumor. It combines pre-clinical with clinical knowledge in a practical manner. Virtual tumor boards were set up to facilitate interdisciplinary oncological decision-making. In this way, students can collaborate on the consensus process of the teaching examples. In the spirit of blended learning, case studies were also integrated, providing the opportunity for self-regulated learning as preparation for classroom-based learning. The project is characterized by interdisciplinarity and the variety of teaching methods employed.

Parts of the LMU press release from July 15, 2022