Become a CCP partner within the DKTK

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All DKTK locations have been awarded Oncological Center of Excellence status by German Cancer Aid. They have the local structures required for networking and for developing new CCP-related structures.

The participating university hospitals undertake to comply with certain collaboration guidelines. These also apply to new hospitals and institutions that are interested in a partnership.



Collaboration guidelines

  • The participating hospitals systematically inform their cancer patients about pseudonymization, use of clinical data and/or biological samples for academic medical research, they obtain their informed consent and document the status in the electronic records.
  • They collect locally and deliver a standardized set of clinical trial metadata to the central DKTK trials register.
  • They play an active part in harmonizing data at their locations and quality assurance.
  • They put in place the necessary IT infrastructure to make the patient data and data relating to biological samples available for joint research purposes as well as implement data protection regularities.
  • They upload a streamlined, restricted clinical dataset and dataset for biological samples to a central register. This database is used for preliminary search queries, e.g. on the frequency of patients with a particular type of cancer, or the number of biological samples available in the consortium, before comprehensive collaboration requests are developed.
  • They provide advice on participating in DKTK-wide collaboration requests.


University hospitals and institutions that meet the requirements listed above and would like to join the CCP network, can receive support and advice from the CCP Office.

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