Advice & Coordination

Support by CCP Office

The CCP Office is the central interface of the Clinical Communication Platform. It provides specific advice to researchers and physicians on adapting patient information from DKTK-funded projects, on feasibility searches using the joint database, on project applications for clinical data or biological material in collaborations and on implementing clinical trials.

The CCP Office also takes on coordination and operational tasks.


Coordination of the participating steering committees and working groups

  • Organizational and agenda support for meetings of the CCP Steering Committee
  • Management of the coordination processes within the CCP, including coordinating the entity-specific ad hoc task forces, tumor documentation (CCP Docu) and clinical trials (CCP Trials) and interaction with the working groups on the subjects of biobanks (CCP Bio) and information technology (CCP IT) and with the locations to help local CCP structures build up their infrastructure

Subject-specific work is carried out in collaboration with the working groups

  • Dealing with questions relating to data protection law,
  • Making available sample texts for patient information as a prerequisite for joint research,
  • Defining relevant dataset components (standard register datasets for clinical data, biomaterial and trials),
  • Implementing a joint quality management system,
  • User-focused design and content expansion of the central and decentralized search tools
  • Project management for collaboration requests. Clinical experts within the DKTK and external partners are brought together via academic study groups 

Contact the CCP Office

The staff of the CCP Office with contact details can be found here.