Biobank & Patient Register

Feasibility analyses and collaboration requests

Through the CCP, DKTK researchers and medics can access internal databases containing data from multiple locations. An IT structure offers two different ways to use data to plan and carry out research projects:

Preliminary overview search query via the central database

The central search function provides case numbers immediately on the availability of biological samples for project planning and to assess the feasibility of clinical trials. A reduced, defined, clinical dataset relating to patients and biological samples is regularly uploaded to a central database in compliance with data protection regulations. An identity management system makes it possible to pool datasets about the same patient from different DKTK locations. In a following step, users can use the decentralized search function to post a collaboration request.

Targeted collaboration requests in the DKTK

The decentralized search tool is based on the principle of a central query that is distributed to all the Bridgeheads, i.e. all the local databases at the different partner locations. Whether or not a location agrees to a collaboration request is at their own discretion: without approval from the local committees, no data or biological material leaves the site.