CCP Project Support

The Clinical Communication Platform (CCP) collaborates with clinical researchers and DKTK Joint Funding projects from the initial project idea to its completion to provide support and enable the reuse of data and biosamples. The CCP’s support portfolio covers a range of services from case number estimations of clinical data and biosamples to the development of project-specific IT solutions.

Services offered by the CCP include:


Support for project ideas: The CCP helps researchers to retrieve case number estimations of clinical data and biosamples available within the network and to implement project ideas. The CCP also hosts the DKTK Clinical Data Science Group an interdisciplinary forum to connect researches and promote innovative research projects.



Information for a project-specific patient consent: Patients need to give explicit consent to allow a potential, scientific reuse of data and biosamples from research projects. The CCP provides an information document (in German) with sample texts for adapting the project-specific patient consent.



Project-specific patient pseudonymisation: To ensure visibility and retrievability of project-specific research data within the DKTK, a project-specific patient pseudonym connects this data to the CCP infrastructure. For this purpose, the CCP provides a pseudonymisation service that links the research data with the respective data from routine care in the CCP bridgehead, thus enabling a potential data integration.



Advice on biosampling: The CCP provides advice on the collection and reuse of biosamples and establishes contact with local biobanks. Here you can find an overview of the CCP's collaboration with local biobanks and its advantages.



Project-specific IT solutions: In coordination with the project management, the CCP develops IT solutions for projects or adapts existing solutions, e.g., online tools for monitoring prospective sample collection or patient recruitment in a project.


Note for DKTK Joint Funding supported projects 

The DKTK is committed to making long-term, sustainable investments in translational research. DKTK Joint Funding projects are therefore required to ensure their project data (clinical data, research data and biosample data) and collected biosamples are available, visible and retrievable for future scientific reuse within the DKTK. To address these requirements, project coordinators should consider aspects of project-specific patient consent and project-specific patient pseudonymisation, as well as biosample collection during project planning.

For more information or a personal consultation, please contact the CCP Office.