DKTK Clinical Trial Register

The DKTK clinical trial register provides an overview of oncology trials of all DKTK sites and its partners. It is a freely accessible guide for physicians, patients and patients’ relatives. The search feature helps finding suitable studies.


Clinical trials facilitate the development of new treatment approaches and thus improve the chances of recovery for patients. Therefore, the DKTK clinical trial register (in German) focusses on therapeutic studies that investigate new pharmaceutical substances, or new surgical or radiotherapy methods. Further information on the various types of clinical trials and on opportunities and risks are available on the website of the DKFZ Krebsinformationsdienst (in German).

The DKTK clinical trial register comprises a concentrated metadata set of therapeutic studies from all DKTK site registries. The DKTK sites submit trial data in a quarterly update. The data is then revised, supplemented, and subjected to quality assurance centrally by the Clinical Communication Platform (CCP). Instructions for the search feature (in German) and a publication with detailed information on the DKTK clinical trial register are available for download.

The search mask allows finding trials based on specific parameters (e.g. tumour marker or line of therapy). For each trial, the register provides additional information such as local contact details and links to further registers.

The DKTK clinical trial register is an information platform only and does not replace consultation. Users should therefore always speak with the treating physicians before contacting the responsible trial physicians. The treating physicians know the individual clinical situation in all detail and can advise on the next steps.

Coordination of the DKTK clinical trial register
For further information, please contact Dr. Zenawit Krüger.