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Prof. Dr. Alexandr  Bazhin

Prof. Dr. Alexandr Bazhin

Klinik für Allgemeine, Viszeral-, Transplantations-, Gefäß- und Thoraxchirurgie

Campus Großhadern

Marchioninistraße 15

81377 München


Cancer Immunotherapy (CI)


Immunotherapy of malignant diseases is a very promising tool for treatment of immunogenic solid tumors and/or those, which induce strong immunosuppressive environment. We are investigating molecular mechanisms of tumor escape and survival strategies. Future goals include the development of a pipeline that goes from the identification and characterization of new tumor antigens and molecular targets to their possible application for clinical trials, through the detailed molecular and biochemical study and preclinical investigation in animal models. Currently, the following two projects are under processing: (i) immunosuppression in malignant diseases (Karakhanova et al, Oncoimmunology 2015; Bazhin et al, Frontiers Immunol 2018; Shevchenko et al, Oncoimmunology 2020) and (ii) immunomonitoring (Miksch et al, Oncotarget 2017; Schoenberg et al, Cancers 2018; Miksch et al, Cancers 2019). We could demonstrated that MSDC and B7H1 are the most important cellular and molecular components, correspondingly, of immunosuppression in pancreatic cancer. In addition, we established the deep immunomonitoring of patients with malignant diseases using FACS analysis with a 5-laser machine, as well as the new algorithm of analysis of tumor-infiltrated leukocytes - Quantify the Tumor immune Stroma (QTiS) across tumor types.