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Prof. Dr. Claus Belka

Klinik für Strahlentherapie und Radioonkologie

LMU Klinikum

Marchioninistrasse 15

81377 München


School of Oncology (SoO)

Radiation Oncology and Imaging (ROI)

Molecularly Targeted Therapy (MTT)


The focus of the group is two tiered. A major focus is placed on image-guided radiotherapy, PET based treatment planning and stratification (lung, brain and prostate cancer) as well MRI based dose calculation for photon as well as proton therapy. The physics group (image-guided radiotherapy) is lead by Prof. Guillaume Landry and has close connections to the department of medical physics at LMU (Prof. Katia Parodi).  Since 2019, the department is one of the three active German MRT-Linac sites, opening a new horizon in full online adaptive radiotherapy. The development of AI based optimization tools in one of the main research foci. The second focus covers aspects of radiation biology, immune biology related to radiation induced cell death (Prof. Kirsten Lauber) as well as the definition of complex biological signature for prediction and stratification of radiotherapy strategies.