DKTK Joint Funding Program

A key focus area within the DKTK and the DKTK Joint Funding Program is the collaboration on interdisciplinary research topics at the interface between basic research and clinical practice, in particular the advancement of preclinical development of innovative therapy approaches and diagnostic methods.

The competitive DKTK Joint Funding Program supports collaborative research projects with a translational focus through its INNOVATION funding line for up to three years. Until 2022, early clinical trials / Investigator Initiated Trails (IITs) were also supported. Through its second funding line, UPGRADE, the DKTK supports (reverse) translational research projects that build on or are associated with clinical trials, with the aim to find answers to new scientific questions through experimental research, and to maximize the knowledge gained from clinical trials.

Joint Funding proposals are evaluated in a multi-step selection process, and projects of outstanding high scientific quality and innovation potential are selected for funding. All Joint Funding projects involve at least three DKTK partner sites, and thereby facilitate networking and the best possible use of complementary expertise within the consortium. External partners can participate to support the projects with additional research contributions.

Moreover, the program provides an opportunity to address current topics of high scientific and medical importance through a multicenter approach by providing targeted funding for Strategic Initiatives of the DKTK Steering Committee.

Here you can find an overview of all the Joint Funding projects.