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23.09.2021 bis 16.12.2021

DKTK Freiburg Seminar Epigenetics and Cancer

We are happy to announce the online seminar series hosted by DKTK-Freiburg!In the seminars, you will get familiar with the most important scientific aspects of the DKTK partner site in Freiburg as ...

28.09.2021 bis 23.11.2021

RMU Weeks for Equal Opportunities 2021

As part of the Alliance of Rhine-Main Universities, the Equal Opportunity Offices of Goethe University Frankfurt am Main, Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz and Darmstadt University of Technology are ...

28.10.2021 bis 29.10.2021

Save The Date: Harpoon

Wir freuen uns, Ihnen die Wiederauflage des erfolgreichen Workshops zur Befunderstellung im molekularen Tumorboard für 2021 anzukündigen: HARPOON - HArmonization ...

28.10.2021 bis 29.10.2021

3. Rhein-Main Cancer Retreat

This year's retreat will take place October 28th-29th, 2021 again at the KTC Kommunikations- und Trainings-Center KönigsteinÖlmühlweg 6561462 ...

28.10.2021 bis 28.10.2021

Hybrid molecules for whole-body PET imaging and near-infrared fluorescence guided surger

The third seminar of the series is hosted by the chairman of DKTK-FR Priority Area (PA) 2 “Imaging, Biomarker Identification & Radiation Therapy” Prof. Dr. Matthias Eder (German Cancer ...

28.10.2021 bis 28.10.2021

HIRO and OncoRay Lecture Series: Interaction of radiation with matter (Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Enghardt)

Each diagnostic or therapeutic application of ionizing radiation exploits physical effects which occur during the interaction between radiation and matter. In this lecture, an overview on those ...

15.11.2021 bis 15.11.2021

54 DKTK Munich Cancer Colloquium

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25.11.2021 bis 25.11.2021

RMU-RNA Salon “Genomics approaches in RNA biology” 8. Mini-Symposium “Chromatin-RNA crosstalk”

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25.11.2021 bis 25.11.2021

HIRO and OncoRay Lecture Series: Fundamentals of oncology (Prof. Dr. Dr. Jürgen Debus)

This lecture gives an introduction on the importance of cancer and the main treatment methods. Risk factors, curative and palliative treatment options and the increasing role of interdisciplinary ...

29.11.2021 bis 01.12.2021

‘Hallmarks of Skin Cancer’ Conference 2021 (HoSC2021)

We would like to invite you to participate in the ‘Hallmarks of Skin Cancer’  Conference 2021 (HoSC2021), which will take place in a virtual format from the 29th of November to the ...

08.12.2021 bis 09.12.2021

10. Nationales Biobanken-Symposium 2021

Wir laden Sie herzlich zum 10. Nationalen Biobanken-Symposium am 8. und 9. Dezember 2021 nach Berlin ein! Nach einem digitalen Symposium im vergangenen Jahr würden wir uns sehr ...

16.12.2021 bis 16.12.2021

HIRO and OncoRay Lecture Series: Radiation and its Generation (Prof. Dr. Oliver Jäkel)

Radiation is the fundamental basis of radiation research and radiation application in oncology. This lecture provides an introduction to different types of radiation used in radiation oncology like ...

27.01.2022 bis 27.01.2022

HIRO and OncoRay Lecture Series: Clinical Radiation Oncology (Prof. Dr. Mechthild Krause)

Understanding of tumor radiation biology is a basis for effective clinical application of radiotherapy. This lecture gives an overview on the clinical importance of radiobiological factors and on ...

16.02.2022 bis 18.02.2022

21st International AEK Cancer Congress

Together with my co-chairs Lars Zender and Johannes Zuber I would like to invite you to join us for the 21st International AEK Cancer Congress from February 16 to February 18 2022 at ...

20.02.2022 bis 23.02.2022

ACUTE LEUKEMIAS XVIII - Biology and Treatment Strategies

The German AML Cooperative Group invites all professionals who are interested in getting informed about recent advances in the understanding of leukemia biology and the development of a personalized ...

24.02.2022 bis 24.02.2022

HIRO and OncoRay Lecture Series: Molecular and Cellular Radiobiology (Prof. Dr. Nils Cordes)

Exposure to ionizing radiation induces myriads of molecular and biological reactions in a cell. Fundamental concepts of cellular radiobiology including modes of cell death, proliferation and cellular ...

24.03.2022 bis 24.03.2022

HIRO and OncoRay Lecture Series: Technology of Radiotherapy (Prof. Dr. Oliver Jäkel)

The lecture reviews the state-of-the-art technology for radiotherapy. This includes: linear electron accelerators, novel robotic and tomographic methods of dose delivery, proton and ion accelerators. ...

31.03.2022 bis 02.04.2022

International Conference on Lymphocyte Engineering

It is our pleasure to invite you to the 3rd International Conference on Lymphocyte Engineering.Great strides have been made in recent years in the engineering of lymphocytes for the ...

05.05.2022 bis 05.05.2022

HIRO and OncoRay Lecture Series: Tumor Pathophysiology (Prof. Dr. Leoni Kunz-Schughart)

Growth and progression of solid tumors are accompanied by numerous physiological alterations as compared to normal tissues. In this lecture, an overview about the different aspects of tumor ...

19.05.2022 bis 19.05.2022

HIRO and OncoRay Lecture Series: Radiopharmacy (Prof. Dr. Klaus Kopka)

Radiolabelled compounds got a key role in elucidation of metabolic pathways already in the early 50th of the last century. To date there is an ongoing application of such methods for the ...

23.06.2022 bis 23.06.2022

HIRO and OncoRay Lecture Series: Biomarkers in Radiotherapy (Dr. Dr. Amir Abdollahi)

The identification and definition of molecular prognosticators and predictors for radiotherapy is an important task in radiation oncology. How could they be employed to better diagnose cancer or to ...